Dr. C.N. Manjunath , Director of Jayadeva Heart Hospital, Mr.Suresh Kumar, Rajiji Nagar MLA and Dr. Ravindra Director of Suguna Hospital during launch of Philips Azurion Cath laboratory in Bengaluru.


Bengaluru. Suguna Hospital Because of the modern lifestyle, they are ruining the most valuable lives. People are losing valuable health in the face of technology, comfortable lifestyle, luxury facilities, and things that can be seen on everything at the fingertips.

Dr. C.N. Manjunath , Director of Jayadeva Heart Hospital said ‘’Heart attacks troubling 30 lakhs people in India, we need such labs at every 5 kilometre length in Bengaluru. Share this this facility and make lifestyle an unhealthy lifestyle disorder. World Health Organization says lifestyle related diseases are now becoming increasingly global. Lifestyle choices are a significant risk factor for obesity, heart problems (cardiovascular disease), high blood pressure, diabetes, parasite, COPD and so on. Obesity can cause diabetes, high blood pressure, cardiovascular problems, blood cholesterol problems, lung conditions, osteoarthritis, liver problems, and some types of cancers.
Adult physical activity should be gradually increased and step-by-step. Exercising something better than having no exercise. It is best to exercise at least 5 days a week for 60 minutes. Weight training, along with stormy walking, jogging, bicycling and even better trainings. Work-related activities are also promoted. These include using stairs without lifts / escalators, walking at dinner as much as possible. Yoga and meditation are important in stressing. These include the feeling of physical exercise”.

Mr. Suresh Kumar.MLA said ’’ having such facility is good, once American IT Head come to Bengaluru while coming on the way he got heart trouble suddenly he admitted to Jayadeva Heart Hospital, Treatments bill given to him he suddenly shocked that bill was someone given to me. This bill value is very low in Bengaluru such treatment at low value is good, he called American President Obama office to bring such facility in America and spoken to Dr. Manjunath about it and American President praised Dr. Manjunath and brought such low rate treatment in America then Obama care launched such facility in America’’.
Care is taken to alleviate the anxiety of relatives and friends of patients at the Suguna. Areas have been designed where they can relax and refresh themselves in comfort. Comfortable Chairs, TV sets and reading materials are all put in place so that they are able to wait on the patients admitted to the Hospital. Suguna’s sense of aesthetics is directly connected with the cleanliness of an enclosed area. A multi-specialty Hospital needs to be sterile 24/7. There cleaning staff works round the clock to maintain a spotless Hospital. They also ensure a prescribed segregation of waste material so that an effective and ecologically friendly waste management system is followed. The high end equipment, OTs, Labs, they all need specialised cleaning attention and we take extreme care to ensure cleanliness. Hospitals often remind people of unpleasant things and places. They strive to maintain a facility which works hard to ease the anxieties of people visiting us in every possible way.

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