Kiwifruit from Chile Cut 02


Relish nutritious and delectable Chilean Kiwis for a healthy indulgence anytime!

Bangalore. Looking to boost your health quotient? Craving for a healthy fruit? Its time you try out some delectable and nutritious Kiwifruits from Chile which are now available across India!

Kiwifruit are one of the most nutrient dense fruit available, owing to a great combination of vitamin C, dietary fiber, actinidin, potassium and folate. Just one serving of kiwifruit provides a whopping 117% of the daily value of vitamin C and 21% of dietary fiber. Kiwifruit are also a good source of potassium and vitamin E.
Research show that eating vitamin C-rich fruit such as kiwi may confer a significant protective effect against respiratory symptoms associated with asthma such as wheezing. Additionally, a couple of kiwifruits each day may significantly lower your risk for blood clots and reduce the amount of fats (triglycerides) in your blood, therefore helping to protect cardiovascular health. Loaded with fiber it can reduce high cholesterol levels, which may reduce the risk of heart disease as well as keeping the blood sugar levels of diabetic patients under control. It is also a good source of mineral potassium.
Geographically blessed, Kiwis grown in Chile are truly a healthy fruit from an agricultural paradise. Chile is strategically flanked by an incomparable combination of natural geographic barriers such as the Atacama Desert, Pacific Ocean Andes Mountains and Patagonia which gives itthe rich and fertile soil that gives excellent yields – a wealth of fresh bountiful fruits. Today Chile is one of the world’s leading producers of kiwifruit and the fruit is available from March till November.
Speaking on the promotional campaign for Chilean Kiwis, Mr Sumit Saran, Director, SS Associates, the Indian marketing office of the Chilean Kiwifruit Committee said, “India remains an underserved market for kiwis. Consumers are just getting to know the tremendous health benefits of this fruit and the potential is humongous. Through strategic trade and retail partnerships and promotions we are taking Chilean Kiwifruit to cities across India including Tier II and III cities. Chile has a preferential trade agreement with India making Chilean Kiwifruits much more affordable to consumers across India, Saran added”
So pick up a handful of happiness now…

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