R. Charubala, Principal of Charan’s Degree College Dr. Vinay Ranganathan , Principal of Charan’s pre university College , Mr. Ranganathan, Chairman of Charan’s Degree College, Dr. Manu Baligar, President of Kannada Sahitya Parishat and college Kannada Mahotsav students are seen at Cambridge Layout, Halasuru, Bengaluru.



Bengaluru. Charan’s Degree College celebrated kannada cultural fest at Halalsuru Cambridge layout in Bengaluru. Kannada Cultural rural festival joyed by students at this event and colourful Play and moments were very beautiful.

Students of Charan’s Degree College ,Cambridge layout (Bengaluru) emerged as playrul Kannada fest at the recently concluded 1-day in Bengaluru. A pulsating where Charan’s was eventually converted into a comeback victory goals. The Kannada fest with College showcased the results of their rigorous practice and on-ground team work.

Commenting on the fest , Dr. Manu Baligar, President of Kannada sahitya Parishat said, “Our emphasis has always been on creating well-rounded individuals and future leaders. In this Tamil area students were inspired the kannada fest We encourage students to pay equal attention to Fest and other extra-curricular activities through our Gems framework for holistic development of students. Platforms like the Festival are extremely important for shaping and honing spirit in students and providing them relevant opportunities to excel in the field of their choice. We are happy that our student’s hard work and the school’s commitment has paid off.”

Filled with excitement, Mr. Ranganathan Chairman of Charan’s College added, “I am extremely happy to see my student’s hard work and dedication getting recognised through this win. Our players never looked tired though they played series of fest in a row and yet raised to the top like a phoenix bird in its debut, which is commendable. A team of players were enrolled in our unique Gold Squad Programme after passing a tough fitness and skill test. Rigorous training regime after school hours along with a curated diet plan helped these players become dedicated, disciplined and focused.”
The Charan’s Degree College are a way to identify talents at the State Level and mould them to be a part of the National Team.
Dr. Vinay Ranganathan ,Principal Charan’s Degree College Bengaluru said, “It is easy to win playing in the home ground without pressure. However, for us everything worked against us. We had to come out of our own self-imposed beliefs to play since last 40 years . Our opponents had Students and we had to tackle them in every move. Finally, my teammates did it. I am proud of my school team.”

Charans Degree College for his meticulous strategy and game plan during the Kannada cultural fest . A passionate and skilful kannada Player , Rural fest found a great platform to showcase their skills.

During the Kannada Play was heavy Playing but managed to save the fest. In the second half, Charan’s player The Kannada Mahotsav win was symbolic of the planned practice that had been implemented by the coach and the superb execution of skills and teamwork.

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