We will build a world class university in India with world class faculty
10 formulas for development and improvement of Indian higher education institutions

Bangalore : Proficient in Bangalore today, we believe that the future of our learning will be multi-disciplinary and that the participation of world class faculty will bring focus and rigor to the learning experience, engaging a large number of students and enriching excellence in higher education. (Dr) c. Rajkumar, Founding Chancellor, P. Said Jindal Global University.
Dr. Rajkumar: In India’s higher education system, it is a challenge in India to acquire highly qualified faculty at both the undergraduate and postgraduate levels. Universities and project makers in India are now gaining international prominence. Therefore, various stakeholders need to reconsider the issue of quality teaching staff. We need to make our universities a catalyst for social growth and entrepreneurship for change economic growth, ”he said at a program in Bangalore today.
According to a study conducted by experts from the World Bank, today’s Knowledge Meaning demands a new set of skills.

They need to be opened. “Private universities in India, with their new and innovative model, are the pioneers of change in India’s higher education system,” says Dr. Rajkumar said.
It is the responsibility of both faculty to devote to the teaching and research of the student experience and the power that surrounds students’ learning. Although classical standards, such as Tate degree and research publications, are important, it is still important to look at the quality of instructors and their teaching techniques and techniques. These measures include the international recognition of faculty, academic qualifications or work experience, the quality of published journals, the scope of work with scholars in other countries, research grants, and research work presentations at leading international educational forums.
According to a World Bank study, if knowledge is to be transformed into an economy, an economic system must deliver it through its faculty and innovative educational strategies to enhance the development of its education system. India’s demographic dividend positively affects our economy and society. This can only be done if we provide good quality education to solve local problems and pursue sustainable employment.

The future of education in India rests on new structures, systems and international education. This is a social service-minded O.P. Jindal Global University .It has been recognized by the Government of India as an honorary institution. Build an educational environment and good quality She has been instrumental in establishing a learning process that provides education, research and publications.
Policymaking is an important part of social governance. However, the policy that has been created has to be implemented at the grassroots level for economic growth. Sudarshan Ramaswamy, Dean, JindalSchoolOfGovernment, says, “New Education Policy 2019 is created by Sustainable Persons. Dr. Kasturiranga and Fields -Medal Mathematician, Manjula Bhargava are also among them. It is worth mentioning that a policy is good and that its goals and objectives are being restructured. This includes the restructuring of higher education institutions, multidisciplinary universities, elimination of affiliated college systems, focus on teacher tenure, independence and deregulation. A policy does not just include what to do and what to do, but also how. It rests on procedures and processes and they always have the risk of derailing the bureaucracy. ”

“Recruiting and retaining world-class faculty are the global competitive and intellectually intense corporate characteristics of a university. Multiculturalism, multiple foreign and international instructors create a learning environment. They do it through their experiences, attitudes and learning from strong friends, ”said Dr. Ashish Bharadwaj, Dean Jindal School of Banking and Finance.
Dr. Bharadwaj has further said that if we are to expand India’s economy to $ 5 trillion, we will have France, the UK, Germany.

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