A Neurologically Controlled Robo Suit that Treats Patients Affected by Stroke and Paralysis

Bengaluru. Over 18 lakh cases of strokes are reported in India every year. Of which, over 14 lakh patients end up suffering weakness or with one side of the body being paralysed.

ABOUT THE HAL® ROBO SUITS: Man. Machine.Information. All three combine in HAL® systems to make a positive difference to the life of a patient affected by stroke and paralysis. That is the technology in short for you. HAL® (Hybrid Assistive Limb®) is the world’s first wearable cyborg (Robo Suit) that can improve, assist, expand, and regenerate physical functions. When a person tries to move the body, a signal is transmitted from the brain to the muscles through the nerves according to the intention of movement, and at that time, a weak bioelectric potential signal leaks to the body surface. HAL® detects the wearer’s bioelectric potential signal with a sensor attached to the skin and realizes the action according to the intention.

There are three types of HAL products (Robo Suits) that improve and regenerate the physical function of the wearer.

1. HAL Lower Limb 2. HAL Lumbar 3.HAL Single Joint

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HAL is currently available 15 countries: the US, the UK, Canada, Germany, France, Poland, Italy, Bulgaria, Saudi Arabia, Thailand, Singapore, the Philippines, Taiwan, Indonesia, and Japan. Now, the HAL technology is being made available in India too with its launch in New Delhi on 22 November 2019. With several Indian entities showing interest in the technology and establishing Neuro HALFIT Training Rehabilitation Centers across the country, thousands of patients affected by stroke and paralysis can hope to lead a near-normal life in the not-too-distant future.

Who is Behind HAL: CYBERDYNE was established in June 2004 as a university venture to solve various social problems facing the super-aged society. CYBERDYNE focuses on research, development, manufacturing, and shipment of innovative Cybernics systems on medicine, welfare, life, and the workplace.

The technology that has been developed is based on the new concept of IoH/IoT technology (Internet of people and things). Through this technology, the human nervous system, physiological system, and environmental system are connected to the supercomputer, and big data of human and things are accumulated, analyzed, and processed through AI (artificial intelligence), thus accelerating the creation of a new Cybernics Industry that fuses “Humans” with “Cyberspace and Physical Space”.

Prof. Yoshiyuki Sankai, President and CEO of the Company, is brain behind the company ever since its inception in 2004. Prof. Sankai holds a Doctoral Degree in Engineering from the University of Tsukuba, Japan. Before founding and being an integral part of CYBERDYNE, Prof. Sankai has held important offices as (1) Professor of Information & Systems, University of Tsukuba and (2) Executive Research Director of the Center for Cybernic Research, University of Tsukuba. He is also a visiting professor at Baylor College of Medicine, Houston, Texas, USA. Prof. Sankai will be delivering the KEYNOTE ADDRESS during the INDIA launch of HAL products.

Who Brings the Technology to India?
Opto Motion SdnBhd is an international, Malaysian-owned professional consulting organisation committed to guiding our clients towards the successful application of technology and management. Its a socially committed company and would like to explore how this can be offered in collaboration with hospitals of good repute., Malaysia has the largest CYBERDYNE centers among ASEAN countries. Therefore, it is only fitting that a prominent personality from Malaysia shares the experience of Malaysia about the technology. Participate in the event and listen in to the CEO of SOSCO (Social Security Organisation), CEO of ASEAN largest Rehabilitation Centre, MELAKA REHAB and SPECIAL ADDRESS by none other than Hon Min of Human Resources and Labour, Mr M Kulasegaran, the Hon’ble Minister of Human Resources & Labour, Government of Malaysia.

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