Mr. Rahul Uppal, Chief Operating Officer, EEMEA, CIS and SAARC countries
Mr. Arun Verma, Regional Director High Purity Business and R&D, EEMEA, CIS and SAARC countries
Mr. Ramanathan Sankaran, Regional Chief Finance Officer, EEMEA, CIS and SAARC countries’  inaugurating regional  office at Electronic City in Bengaluru.


Regional Office of Bengaluru will serve support for EEMEA, CIS and SAARC countries

Bengaluru, India: AAF (American Air Filter), a Daikin group company, the world’s largest clean air solution provider has opened a new regional office in the IT hub, Electronic City. This regional office is the center of excellence for EEMEA (Easter Europe, Middle East and Africa), CIS and SAARC countries.
The existing office cum manufacturing plant in Jigani, Bengaluru will function for India. The new branch will incorporate our firm’s ever-expanding business support departments – marketing, IT, finance and customer support team. These teams will serve EEMEA, CIS and SAARC countries from India.
Mr. Rahul Uppal, COO – AAF-Daikin, EEMEA, CIS & SAARC said, “AAF has served clean air for nearly 100 years now. People and government are increasingly becoming aware of the hazardous effects of pollution on health and the environment. Incidences of respiratory related diseases are also rising. Indoor air pollution is as dangerous as outdoor air pollution. We are expanding our business to provide clean air globally.”
He continued and said, “We are delighted to announce the expansion of our business with the launch of our regional office at Electronic city. Our new space will be exclusively for regional team which will be focused on global marketing, IT, finance and customer service support for AAF EEMEA, CIS & SAARC countries. We are hiring people in a large scale to make Bengaluru as a center of excellence for global business. Our expansion in India will help us better serve our global customers.”
Air filters work as a protective shield against pollutants that are being circulated in the air inside the building. AAF is creating awareness on IAQ (Indoor Air Quality) for building occupants and emphasizing that every commercial building should adopt quality air filtration system for their HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning) systems and monitor the performance of the system on a 24×7 basis.
Upgraded air filtration system assure improved IAQ, higher energy efficiency and enhanced performance of the HVAC system. AAF spends significantly on R&D to continually innovate and offer sustainable green products to promote high-performance buildings worldwide.
Founded in 1921 in USA, AAF is a name recognized globally for quality, expertise, and innovation in Air Filtration. It is headquartered in Louisville, Kentucky, USA and has operations in 23 countries and 6 R&D centers worldwide. It is part of the Daikin
group of Japan which is a diversified international manufacturing company and a global leader in air-conditioning.

AAF International entered India in 2006 and has established 2 plants in Bangalore and Noida and is headquartered in Bangalore. AAF has occupied an advantageous position in the Indian market and has maintained the leading position in the clean air industry industry.

AAF provides solutions for:
• Processed Filtration
• Gas phase products for gaseous contaminants like VOCs and Corrosion/Toxic gases

AAF is a company with an outstanding industry record. The company has provided clean air for more than 98 years. Superior industry knowledge and an outstanding team of air filtration professionals mean the customers receive top quality products and services at a competitive price. From inexpensive disposable panel filters to high efficiency, extended surface filters with antimicrobial, AAF market the widest range of air filters available. AAF has developed and introduced most of the filter designs throughout the industry, including the mini-pleats, extended surface bag filters and Perfect pleat.

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