Bengaluru. Former chief minister Veerappa Moily has said that a thoughtful education is needed to build equality in the society. Participating in the diamond jubilee of the prestigious Community Center Group of Educational Institute in Bengaluru, he said education institutions need to work to provide a complementary education to address global challenges.

Education should not only enhance intellectuality, but also be a powerful tool to meet the global challenges that lie open to us. Veerappa Moily wishes that educational institutions should come forward to sow the thoughts of change and propagate a positive attitude.
Former Minister of Education Veerappa Moily, who has shed light on current educational challenges, said that the vision of those who run institutions will always affect the education system provided by those institutions. He said the best thinking should be educational institutions.

At present, the need for quality education is increasing and needs to be done keeping in mind the global employment. Coming out of our Indian education system, it is a matter of satisfaction that the global employment sector is dominated by outsiders. Educational institutions need to work hard to provide transitional education and skills development. Indians are now the most important employment sector CEOs. They all came out through the Indian education system. Six Nobel laureates are Indian educated. This is the pride of our education, said Veerappa Moily.

Our Indian educational institutes must come forward to demonstrate the impact of Global Citizen Creation. Education alone will bring equality in society. Veerappa Moily said that such an endeavor would continue.

During my tenure as Minister, I was unable to cooperate with Silicon City. The acquisition of the ೧೦೦೦ acre farm did not co-operate even when ITPL proceeded. But as the effort continues, Bangalore is now Silicon City. So let’s hope for a change in our education system, ”said Veerappa Moily.

Retired Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, MN Venkatachalya, who initiated the organization’s diamond jubilee program, said there was a need for a change in our education system.
The Community Center Education Institute is working to bring creativity.
“I would like to congratulate the students who are ready to face life’s challenges. Retired Justice MN Venkatachayya said, “I wish for the country to have an education system like this before.”

KM Nagaraj, President of Community Center Group of Educational Institutions, said, “I am very pleased that Kanakanapalya, recognized by the hamlet, has become the center of education today. We have worked to build an educational institution as a social movement with access to low-scoring students as a top priority. We have built our education system so that every student can win financially. Satisfied with the continuous service of 60 years, the mission of monetization was felt in a meeting that was not ours. It was also promised that the institution would continue to work for the rights of the oppressed.

At the meeting, lawmaker Uday Garudachar, city police commissioner Bhaskararao, an alumnus of the institute, and Sarfaraz Khan, joint commissioner of BBMP, had relished the old days.

Former Mayor Mrs Gangabike Mallikarjuna, businessman BR Vasudev, organization secretary Chikkayya and Amaresh and members of the board of administration, students and staff were present at the event.

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