protest (2)
Kannada siri Anand Kumar President of Karnataka Horata Samiti and supporters protesting for implementation of  Dr. Sarojini Mahshi commission at Town Hall in Bengaluru,


Bengaluru: Dr. Sarojini Mahshi commission has been with the Federation of Organizations for 99 days.
Kannadigas to get jobs in IT, BT and private parks
It’s a matter of pride and fighting for the demands and struggles of ours.
There is full support. But the call to the Karnataka Band on the 13th is reprehensible, because.
There have been many bunds for years now but none from the band.
Dr Sarojini Mahisha Report is being implemented by this band as the demands are not implemented.
Thousands of vegetable and flower growers from stupid paramount and unscientific bandh.
Rupee losses, roadside traders lose early earnings. Millions of females.
Garments, if not paid, get into trouble.
The pain is caused by examinations of school and college children.
The government is taxing thousands of rupees to the government, and the government is taxing us again in the form of expensive prices
Bara gives. So all the troubled band and we need people.
Hence our support for the demands and struggles, but also for the unscientific Karnataka Band.
Want to inform them that there is no support, and thereby warn the government.
A Dr Sarojini Mahishi Report should be implemented. At 10 am on the 12th morning Protest is being held in front of the town hall from 5 pm to 5 pm.

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