COVID negative “ 47 suspected covid- 19*Discharging From Sapthagiri Hospital.Patients were international travelers returning from 6 Countries.47 suspected covid- 19 patients we admitted at one in Sapthagiri Institute of Medical sciences , one of the highest numbers at one time. The patients were international travelers returning from various parts of the world like Dubai , Australia , etc . One patient of Australian domicile was also admitted . The patients were admitted on 15 th of March 2020 . All the patients initially had very mild symptoms of cold and fever but after testing have been found to be “COVID negative “ . The patients are being discharged tomorrow from Sapthagiri Hospital. All the patients are very happy with the treatment provided in the hospital . A special isolated ward was provided for the patients and a special team of in house Doctors , nurses and supervisors were provided to the patients for catering to the diverse needs of the patients 24/7 for the past 16 days . All precautions were taken to isolate the suspected patients from the rest of the hospital . All the relatives of the suspected patients were regularly updated by the hospital. All meals were specially prepared and served to the patients by the Hospital . Television facilities , internet and various board games were made available to patients so as to spend time in quarantine . Patients were advised by the doctors of Sapthagiri hospital to stay at home and follow the lock down guidelines of the government even after discharge .

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