MP Rajeev Chandrasekhar writes letter to FM/ PM/ Min of MSME & Karnataka leaders on how to Reboot the Indian Economy during n after the COVID Lockdown based on suggestions from MSMEs

Supporting MSMEs is important at this challenging time to our Economy. Member of Parliament, Mr. Rajeev Chandrasekhar interacted with Entrepreneurs on 24 April on how to Reboot the Indian Economy during n after the Coronavirus shock.


All of them recognized the serious challenge of the Pandemic and were appreciative and supportive of the PMs steps to decisively tackle it with a Lockdown. Concerns with regards to survival of micro industries, transmission of RBI announcements to the Banks, ESI reimbursements in such challenging times, reduction of interest for a short period of time to help SMEs were some of important suggestions shared by the entrepreneurs.


Most MSMEs also requested support from State Government on waiving and deferring state level costs and waiver of Discom fixed charges.


MSMEs and Entrepreneurs who have been engaging with Rajeev are all determined to work hard and bounce back. But they do require support at both State Government level and also Banking sector during these challenging times.

In this regard, Rajeev writes a detailed letter to FM/ PM & Karnataka leadership requesting them to consider most of their suggestions based on his Video Conf with the Entrepreneurs

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