BLR Airport processes 71,406 MT of Cargo between Apr–Jul 2020, records 79% growth in Cargo Air Traffic Movements · Facilitated 6,194 MT of perishables and 2,300 MT of pharma supplies· Recorded 2,990 Cargo Air Traffic Movements (ATMs)· Processed 341 MT of COVID-19-related cargo· 38k International passengers safely travelled through BLR Airport

  Bengaluru, August 13, 2020: Kempegowda International Airport, Bengaluru (KIAB/ BLR Airport) played a stellar role during the pandemic, facilitating shipment of ~71,406 Metric Tonnes (MT) of Cargo, including 6,194 MT of perishables and 2,300 MT of pharma supplies between April and July 2020. During this period, BLR Airport’s Cargo market share rose to 15.3% from 11.2%.   While international Cargo throughput was 51,728 MT, domestic was 19,678 MT during this period. Of this, perishables, including 507 MT of mangos, were delivered to 31 international destinations. Apart from perishables and pharma, the other freight processed during this period included electronic and engineering equipment, spares and readymade garments.   Before the pandemic, BLR Airport’s cargo volumes were distributed between Freighter and Passenger aircraft in a 40:60 ratio. However, the lockdown and subsequent restrictions on international scheduled passenger flights, impacted cargo movements. Several airlines commenced ‘cargo-only’ flights using passenger aircraft to bolster depressed global airfreight capacity and drive a spike in cargo demand.   About 40% of BLR Airport’s cargo during the period Apr – Jul 2020, was transported by Passenger-to-Cargo (PTC: Passenger flights ferrying cargo) aircraft. As a result, BLR Airport recorded more than 2,990 Cargo ATMs, registering a 79% growth over the same period last year.   In addition, BLR Airport processed 341 MT of COVID-19-related cargo from March to July.  

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