There’s A Conspiracy Behind The Conspiracy: Some Questions For Delhi Police

In February this year, one of the most chilling episodes of communal violence ever was witnessed in the North-Eastern part of Delhi. Burnt houses, vehicles and shops smouldered while hundreds were injured and over 50 persons were killed in unbridled violence that lasted for over four days. The universal presence of cell phones and media teams meant that many incidents were recorded and were seen worldwide. Delhi Police (which is controlled by the Union Home Ministry) has reportedly lodged 751 FIRs, and termed the whole thing as a conspiracy hatched by urban naxals and jehadists to create ‘a big bang’, embarrass the Modi government, especially since US president Trump was in Delhi on the very day the violence broke out. However, there are some striking features of this official version that are difficult to accept. Despite the vast material and resources at their disposal, the investigating agencies under Delhi Police have been unable to address and reasonably answer these issues. These holes in the official script may well come to haunt them as the cases go to court for judicial scrutiny. 1. Why was police deployment so delayed and inadequate despite sufficient warnings? See The Full Text on

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