A high risk, life- saving bone marrow transplant conducted on a 72-year-old patient at Fortis Cancer Institute, BengaluruAutologous stem cell transplant is considered as a safe transplant option for older adults

Bangalore, October 15, 2020: A 72-year-old gentleman successfully underwent a high-risk, lifesaving bone marrow transplant at Fortis Cancer Institute, Bengaluru. The team of doctors was led by Dr Niti Raizada- Director- Medical Oncology & Haematology along with Dr Hamza Dalal, Dr. Ravi Joshi, and Dr. Vishal Kulkarni. The patient was diagnosed with multiple myeloma (a type of cancer that develops in plasma cells) and also had a history of diabetes, ischemic heart disease, and chronic kidney disease.    The patient underwent an Autologous stem cell transplant, a procedure in which the stem cells come from one’s own body. Older patients with multiple myeloma might benefit from an autologous transplant as the risk of death is low, and many patients live a healthy life after receiving the transplant.   Dr Niti Raizada, Director- Medical Oncology & Haematology, Fortis Cancer Institute, Bengaluru, said, “Mr Shankaranand was diagnosed with multiple myeloma in the month of May, in which multiple bones were involved. We initially treated him on standard medications and chemotherapy and later considered him for a bone marrow transplant. We were a little concerned about his age, however, we had proper healthcare infrastructure in place to handle such a case, we are glad that the transplant was successful.” A successful bone marrow transplant for an older adult means preserving the patient’s ability to function during daily life without assistance, improving quality of life, and of course, prolonging life.” Dr Hamza Dalal, Associate Consultant- Haematology, Fortis Cancer Institute, Bengaluru said, “Considering his age and the underlying comorbidities, this case was a challenging one as a bone marrow transplant done on any individual who is above 65 years of age aggravates the risk of other complications. For the first four months, we treated him with chemotherapy which gradually improved his renal conditions. Owing to the success of the chemotherapy sessions, we planned and decided to go ahead with the autologous stem cell transplant as it is a safe transplant option for older adults. Despite having multiple comorbidities, the 72-year-old gentleman withstood the procedure well and is completely healthy now”. The patient, Mr Shakaranand, “I was diagnosed with multiple myeloma in the month of May and was treated on chemotherapy for four months. Dr Niti explained to me about the treatment procedure and I agreed to undergo a transplant. After the transplant, I am doing very well, although I had several pre-existing diseases, I was able to recover very fast. The service and facility available at Fortis Hospital is extraordinary and the staff here is highly capable. The nursing staff is extremely good and the cancer unit is completely infection-free and is highly equipped to handle patients suffering from multiple myeloma.”

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