HATHRAS CRIME: Order Court Monitored Investigation

A CPI(M)-CPI delegation consisting of CPI(M) general secretary, Sitaram Yechury, its Polit Bureau member, Brinda Karat, CPI general secretary, D Raja, and its National Secretariat member, Amarjeet Kaur, visited the family of the Hathras’ rape victim on October 6, and vowed to struggle till justice is done. Uttar Pradesh state secretaries of CPI(M) and CPI, Hiralal Yadav and Girish Sharma, accompanied the delegation. The delegation met the family members of the victim who shared details of the incident and the obstacles posed by the administration. They were living in an atmosphere of constant fear due to the pressure exerted by the administration and the threats they are receiving. After interacting with the family members, the delegation addressed the media. The delegation demanded the state administration to ensure that justice is done to the victim’s family and not divert the issue by making baseless allegations. They demanded a court monitored probe. They criticised the attitude of the local police who wasted precious time in filing an FIR against the accused and also in ensuring the victim got immediate medical attention. The entire incident gives rise to apprehensions about the commitment of the local police to ensure justice and to see that the culprits are punished. The statements given by the additional director general (ADG) of UP police denying rape, is nothing but an attempt to weaken the case and this in fact shows the ignorance of the concerned officer of the laws of the land. The delegation condemned the act of the administration which had rushed in to cremate the body of the victim, without the presence of the family members. This only goes to show that the administration is either trying to hide something or save someone. See The Full Text on Web Page link https://peoplesdemocracy.in/2020/1011_pd/hathras-crime-order-court-monitored-investigation

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