Har-Har Mahadev slogans removed from Gadar 2

GADAR 2: The Highly-Anticipated Sequel Unleashes a Power-Packed Punch!

Har-Har Mahadev slogans removed from Gadar 2: The word tricolor was changed to ‘flag’; Censor Board objected to many dialogues; cut 10

Gadar 2 has been given UA certificate by the censor board. In addition to this, the movie has had 10 cuts. The censor board’s scissors have run on many dialogues. The announcement of Har-Har Mahadev during the riots in the film has been removed.

The word flag has been used instead of tricolor. Shiv Tandav was playing in the background of the film’s fighting scene, which has been converted into a normal music. The running time of the movie is 2 hours 50 minutes.

Gadar 2

Read here what changes were made in the film.

    • According to the report of ABP News, there is a scene in the film in reference to Gita and Quran, the dialogue in that scene is- ‘Both are the same, Baba Nanak ji has said the same’. Ek noor te sab upaje, Baba Nanak ji ne yehi kaha hai is the new translation of this exchange.
    • At one point in the film, ‘Bastard’ has been changed to ‘Idiot’. In the film, the Defense Minister has been changed to Defense Minister. The lyrics of a song – ‘Bata de sakhi, kahan gaye sham’ have been changed to ‘Bata de piya kahan bitai sham’.
    • The censor board has made further changes in the film. There is a scene in the film, in which Har Har Mahadev is chanted during the riots. It has been removed.
    • There is a violent scene in the last part of the film, in the background of that sequence Shiva Tandav and some mantras are going on, they have been changed. It has been said to replace it with some normal music. The censor board has directed the makers to submit translation copies of all the shlokas and mantras featured in the film to the board.
    • In the film, many things have been shown in the reference of Indo-Pak war in 1971, whose complete facts will have to be put before the board by the makers.
    • Even the disclaimer of the film has been asked to be changed.

Gadar 2

The executive producer of the film Rana Bhatia says on this issue. He told that the film has got UA certificate. The censor board has made changes in some dialogues.

For example, in a scene, a Pakistani officer says- ‘We will paint the tricolor green’. Change it to ‘We will paint your flag green’. Has been done.

Gadar 2

OMG-2 was supposed to clash, now the film may have a single release

Gadar 2 is releasing on August 11. It was to clash with Akshay Kumar’s OMG-2. However, many adjustments must be made to OMG-2 in order to comply with censor board guidelines. Due to this, the release date of OMG-2 may be pushed forward. In such a situation, Gadar can have a single release in 2 theatres.

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