ITR Filing for AY 2023-24: Reporting Social Media Income Taxes

ITR Filing for AY 2023-24: Form returns You need to pay levies on your social media income

ITR Filing for AY 2023-24

Whether you’re a salaried hand, a partner or a professional, if you have income from your social media conditioning, you’ll need to pay levies

Diksha Khanna, a platoon lead with a knowledge process outsourcing( KPO) establishment, had been posting vids of her baby and her fatherhood trip. Soon, she started entering requests from baby food directors and apparel brands to promote their brands.

Likewise, Aniket Singhla started a masterclass on entrepreneurship. As his addict following grew, so did his income. Now, he earns lakhs from his online shops.

still, it is n’t, If this sounds like a puck tale. In fact, it’s quitecommon.However, companies and brands want a piece of you, If you’re suitable to connect with the millions. They want your social media reach. Some might indeed want you as their brand minister.

It makes sense, then, that the income-duty department recently searched a number of influencers and ordered 15 of them to defend zero income, international travel, and luxury purchases — posts in which they had taken part.

This is reflective of the artificial intelligence tools being used by the I- T department to track posts of individualities who splurge but don’t file returns or declare low income.

ITR Filing for AY 2023-24

still, also know this you’re supposed to declare your income and file your returns, If you’re one of numerous who earn plutocrat through social media platforms. In fact, income generated from foreign countries is one of the criteria for the obligatory form of returns, indeed if the monthly income is below the threshold of Rs2.5 lakh.

still, also there’s a good chance that they’ve foreign means too, “ If a occupant has foreign income. In that case, filing income duty returns is obligatory indeed if income is lower than2.5 lakh, ” says Sudhir Kaushik,co-founder and CEO ofe-filing

There are numerous types of income that would hit your bank or remittance account if you have been a social media content creator. You could admit plutocrat for elevations, subscription and factory freights, and commissions for dealing wares.
Some receivables could also be in kind similar as gifts and products for review.

The I- T department has been levying a duty deduction at source( TDS) of 10 percent on gifts worth Rs 20,000 or further in a time, starting July 2022.

“ The TDS deductions are listed in your periodic information statement( AIS) and should be checked for authenticity, ” says Paras Savla, Partner at chartered accountancy establishment KPB & Associates.

But your responsibility does n’t end with TDS. You need to mention all the income under one of the two heads — business income( if tone- employed, or a cooperation establishment, etc), or as income from other sources( if salaried and pursuing social media part- time).

“ Income from advertisements on your YouTube channel, deals from your website, subscription figure, etc, are substantially covered as business income, ” says Kaushik.

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ITR Filing for AY 2023-24

Charges you can abate
The benefit of filing a return and declaring your income is that you can also declare losses charges incurred in creating the content for social media.

still, also there are a number of charges you can abate from the plutocrat you make, “ If you declare your earnings as business income. For case, the cost of hiring cameras and other outfit, plant hire, make- up, position, and other costs, ” says Savla.

still, if you’re a salaried person also the only option is to show the social media earnings as income from other sources, where several restrictions are assessed on claiming charges. In this situation, Savla continues, “limited expenses can be claimed under income from other sources.

insure that you save all bills and calculate the charges or losses factoring in deprecation,etc.

After abating charges from your total income, you can claim income duty immunity available for the payment of your home loan, life and health insurance decoration, investments in duty- saving fixed deposits or collective finances, education freights, vehicle, and other charges. The net income therefore declared would be tested per the duty type you fall under.

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After taking into account any allowable deductions under chapter VI A, the net income is taxed in accordance with the relevant laws. Business expenses incurred specifically for operating that business are deductible from business bills, says Kaushik.

There’s also a simple duty compliance system available for business possessors, where you declare that half your income isn’t subject to duty due to charges. A simpler duty return form and disclaimer from checkups is available for similar individualities, handed you meet the conditions.
“ For certain professions notified under section 44 ADA, only 50 percent of the income is taxable. The condition then’s that your gross bills are lower than 50 lakh in FY 2022- 23, or 75 lakh in FY 2023- 24, ” says Kaushik.

ITR Filing for AY 2023-24

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Nuts and bolts
still, also don’t forget to fill a specific form within the income duty return, If you have been entering plutocrat from social media companies or brands locatedabroad.However, ” says Savla, “ If you have any foreign income also don’t forget to fill schedule FA.

This is specifically asked for because in case of foreign income, the I- T department can call forre-assessment of returns going back 16 times rather of the three- time period applicable for normal returns, adds Savla.
Hence, flash back to save the bills and bills of the time 2022- 23 for at least 16 times.

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