Violence in Haryana: Trend like Delhi riots.

INSIDE STORY of Nuh violence in Haryana: Trend like Delhi riots, fire was burning on social media; the police didn’t understand

violence in Haryana

The fire of violence in Haryana’s Nuh started smoldering on social media a day before. Monu Manesar, wanted in the Junaid-Nasir murder case of Rajasthan, released the video saying that he will join the Nuh Yatra. Which was considered a challenge for the police and the other side.

In response to this, videos of threats started appearing on social media, in which Monu Manesar was challenged to come to Nuh. In such a situation, the question is arising whether the Haryana Police failed to understand the situation or deliberately ignored it?

If the police had strengthened the security of the Yatra or started taking action against the rioters, perhaps Nuh would not have been burnt in the fire of violence. The police did not even give a statement regarding Monu’s video and the threats it was receiving in response. In such a situation, the courage of the miscreants increased and they made complete preparations for the attack on the yatra.


However, Haryana CM Manohar Lal Khattar is calling this violence a conspiracy.

A trend similar to the Delhi riots has been seen in the violence in Nuh. Where people were pelted with stones from the rooftops. Here the stones were already deposited on the terraces.

violence in Haryana

Read… What did Monu say by releasing the video

Monu Manesar said in the video- All the brothers are being informed with great pleasure that on Monday, July 31, 2023, there is Mewat Brajmandal Yatra. All the brothers should participate enthusiastically. Visit all the temples of Mewat. Go in large numbers. We ourselves will be involved in the journey. This trip will involve every member of our team.


Received threat in response, come Monu, even your dead body will not be found

In response to this a video was posted on a social media post. In this, Muhammad Sabir Khan showed cylinders kept on the road. In this it was said that son Monu, you will come tomorrow in Mewat. You will be blown away in such a way that even your dead body will not be found. Another video surfaced on social media, in which a person named Arif is challenging Monu to come to Nuh and asking the community to come together.


VHP said – the riots were pre-planned

Vishwa Hindu Parishad leader Dr. Surendra Jain said that this riot was pre-planned. Stones were placed on the roofs. There were stones in the trucks on the route of the yatra as well. The mob set vehicles on fire with petrol bombs. These were also kept ready beforehand.

Within a short time, violence spread in an area of about 20 km. We had also told the police, but adequate security arrangements were not made.


Owais raised questions

AIMIM Chief Asaduddin Owaisi raised questions on the Haryana Police regarding the riots. Owaisi said that Monu Manesar is openly inciting people by releasing videos, but the Haryana and Rajasthan police did not arrest him.


Violence during Brajmandal Yatra in Nuh

Hindu organizations were taking out Brajmandal Yatra in Nuh (Mewat) on Monday. People from all over Haryana participated in it. When this yatra reached near Tiranga Chowk, stone pelting started.


After this, the miscreants started arson. Vehicles parked on the roads were vandalized and set on fire. Cyber police station burnt. Five people, including two home guards, died in the violence. Paramilitary force has now been deployed in Nuh to handle the situation.

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