Mission Launch 

Successful Liftoff 

On a historic day, ISRO launched the Aditya L1 mission from Sriharikota to study the Sun. 

Speedy Orbit Entry 

Orbit Achievement 

Aditya L1 reached its Earth orbit in just 63 minutes after liftoff.

Destination - Lagrange Point-1

Journey to L1 Lagrange Point

In about 4 months, Aditya L1 will reach the Lagrange Point-1, a strategic location to observe the Sun without eclipses.

Mission Cost

Budget Breakdown

The Aditya L1 mission comes at an estimated cost of Rs 378 crore, a significant investment in solar research.

L1 Lagrange Point Explained

Understanding L1 Point 

Discover the significance of the Lagrange Point-1, a stable spot 1.5 million kilometers from Earth.

Eclipse-Free Observations

Eclipse-Neutral Zone

Learn why Aditya L1's location at L1 allows uninterrupted observations of the Sun.

Instruments on Board

Advanced Payload

Aditya L1 carries seven cutting-edge instruments to study the Sun's dynamics, energy, and magnetic field.

Made in India

Indigenous Endeavor

Aditya L1 is a proud example of India's indigenous space capabilities, with contributions from top institutions.

Importance of Sun Study

Unveiling Solar Secrets

Explore why studying the Sun is crucial for understanding space, Earth's climate, and the mysteries of our solar system.