Nepal Reacts to China's New Map

Diplomatic tensions escalate as Nepal and India raise concerns over China's latest map release

Silence from Nepal's Leadership 

Nepal's Prime Minister Pushpa Kumar Dahal remains tight-lipped on China's controversial map. What's the response? 

India's Early Protest 

India was quick to lodge a protest against China's map. Find out why. 

Map Controversy Unveiled 

Discover what's missing from China's map that has raised eyebrows in Kathmandu and New Delhi. 

Kathmandu's Mayor Takes a Stand 

Kathmandu Mayor Balen Shah cancels his China visit. How does this impact the situation? 

Nepal's Official Stance

Learn about Nepal's official response, its commitment to the 2020 map, and a call for international respect. 

Global Concerns Grow 

Not just Nepal and India—Vietnam, Malaysia, and the Philippines also express reservations over China's map due to South China Sea claims. 

Map Controversy: A Global Diplomatic Challenge 

Explore the unfolding diplomatic crisis and international responses to China's map, impacting regions far beyond its borders.