In the heart of Jammu and Kashmir, tragedy unfolds in Anantnag. Let's delve into the story of bravery, loss, and hope in the face of terror.

Anantnag Terror Attack Claims Lives of Army Officers and Cop

An intense operation is underway as terrorists claim the lives of two Army officers and a Deputy Superintendent of Police. A fierce gunfight leaves us mourning the fallen heroes.

Ongoing Efforts to Neutralize the Threat

The situation remains tense as security forces persist in their mission to neutralize the terrorist threat. The battle for Anantnag continues.

Renewed Hunt for Terrorists in Kokernag

In the forested region of Kokernag, a renewed effort is underway to eliminate terrorists. Security forces close in on their targets, including a local operative named Uzair Khan.

Temporary Halt in the Operation

Tragedy strikes as an Army Colonel, a Major, and a Deputy Superintendent of Police fall in the line of duty. The operation pauses, but the resolve to bring justice remains unshaken.

Latest Developments in the Anantnag Encounte

Explore the latest developments in the Anantnag encounter. Learn about the brave officers who faced heavy terrorist fire and the group claiming responsibility.

Calls for Policy Change and Dialogue

In the aftermath, political leaders weigh in. Calls for a change in policy and the importance of dialogue to end the cycle of violence echo through the valley.

Honoring the Fallen Heroes

Finally, we pay our respects to the fallen heroes. Colonel Manpreet Singh, Major Ashish Dhonack, and DSP Humayun Bhat's sacrifices will not be forgotten as their mortal remains are laid to rest.